bruna beber

Bruna Beber

Bruna Beber is a Brazilian poet and translator. She was born in 1984 in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro and she now lives in São Paulo. Her books include a fila sem fim dos demônios descontentes (7Letras, 2006); balés (Língua Geral, 2009); rapapés & apupos (7letras, 2012); and the critically acclaimed Rua da Padaria (Record, 2013) and Ladainha (2017). She is also author of a children’s book, Zebrosinha (Galerinha, Record, 2013) with illustrations by Beta Maya. Her poems have appeared in anthologies and journals in Germany, Argentina, Italy, Mexico, U.S., and Portugal. She regularly participates in literary events, such as the 2013 Paraty International Literary Festival (FLIP) and the 2014 Göteborg Book Fair, in Sweden, where she was a member of the official commission of writers representing Brazil. She also works with visual arts, and her first solo exhibition, Brinquedos Espalhados, took place in 2016 at Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro, within the project Programa Poesia Visual, and included work produced over a decade, including audio and video, sculpture, drawings, books, paintings, photos and objects. Her translations into Portuguese include the Dr. Seuss books (Companhia das Letras, 2017–2018), and she is currently reading for a master’s degree in literary history and theory at the State University of Campinas, São Paulo.



sarahrebeccakersleySarah Rebecca Kersley is a poet, translator, editor, and bookseller. She was born in the UK in 1976 and holds an MA degree from the University of Glasgow.  She has lived and worked in Bahia, Brazil, for over a decade. Her translations of work by Brazilian contemporary writers have appeared in journals such as Two lines: World Writing in Translation (Center for the Art of Translation); The Critical Flame; Flaneur Magazine; and Asymptote. Her own poems—written in Portuguese—have appeared in O Globo (página Risco); Revista Pessoa; Revista Modo de Usar & co.; Jornal RelevO; and Revista Oblique. Her first poetry collection, Tipografia oceânica, was published in Brazil in 2017 by Paralelo13S (forthcoming in English). She co-founded Livraria Boto-cor-de-rosa, an independent bookshop, cultural space, and small press dedicated to contemporary literature, in the city of Salvador, where she is based.