caio fernando abreu


Caio Fernando Abreu (1948–1996) was born in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in 1948. He was an award-winning journalist, writer, and dramatic advisor. His work is considered a testimony to the culture, society and politics of Brazil in the 1970s and 1980s, when, persecuted under the military dictatorship, he spent a year in self-exile in Europe. His novels, short stories, plays, and memoirs have been translated into numerous languages.

He relocated from his native Porto Alegre in 1983 and moved to the city of São Paulo in 1985. In 1994, he returned to France and found that he was HIV positive. That same year he returned home to live with his parents. He passed away two years later.


Jennifer Alexander is a translator and interpreter from Scotland, UK. She holds the Chartered Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation in Brazilian Portuguese and previously studied Modern Languages and EU Studies at the University of Edinburgh. She has worked in community education and primary teaching, but now translates from Portuguese and Danish and particularly enjoys literary and creative work. She also interprets in health, social, and business settings.