luciany aparecida

Luciany Aparecida_photo credit_Louise Queiroz

Luciany Aparecida is a Brazilian writer, born in 1982 in Vale do Jiquiriçá, Bahia. She holds a PhD in literature, and is a university lecturer in Brazilian literature and literary theory and criticism. She is co-founder and curator of the PANTIM Small press and Collective. She writes using three different aesthetic signatures: Ruth Ducaso, Margô Paraíso, and Antônio Peixôtro. She was awarded a creative writing grant from the Brazilian National Library Foundation / FUNARTE in 2012. In 2013, she was selected by the Bahian State Cultural Foundation (FUNCEB) for a creative writing grant, resulting in her book Contos ordinários de melancholia (“Ordinary tales of melancholy”) (ParaLeLo13S, 2017). In 2015, she was one of the writers-in-residence at the Sacatar Institute. She is also the author of the zine Auto-retrato (PANTIM Edições, 2018).



sarahrebeccakersleySarah Rebecca Kersley is a poet, translator, editor, and bookseller. She was born in the UK in 1976 and holds an MA degree from the University of Glasgow.  She has lived and worked in Bahia, Brazil, for over a decade. Her translations of work by Brazilian contemporary writers have appeared in journals such as Two lines: World Writing in Translation (Center for the Art of Translation); The Critical Flame; Flaneur Magazine; and Asymptote. Her own poems—written in Portuguese—have appeared in O Globo (página Risco); Revista Pessoa; Revista Modo de Usar & co.; Jornal RelevO; and Revista Oblique. Her first poetry collection, Tipografia oceânica, was published in Brazil in 2017 by Paralelo13S (forthcoming in English). She co-founded Livraria Boto-cor-de-rosa, an independent bookshop, cultural space, and small press dedicated to contemporary literature, in the city of Salvador, where she is based.