We want to acknowledge the publishers of the original work.

7Letras7Letras started its activities in a small bookstore in Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro. With the recognition of readers and critics, it expanded its catalog with academic publications in several areas, notably philosophy, history, and social sciences. The creation of the literary magazine Enimigo Rumor (dedicated to poetry and prose) has introduced names now important in contemporary Brazilian literature.

7Letras originally published the following:

  • Carlito Azevedo’s “The Tube” (Monodrama, 2009) • “Metamorphoses” (Monodrama, 2009) • “Boxing Angel” (Monodrama, 2009)
  • Marcílio França Castro’s “Borderline” (“A divisa,” Breve cartografia de lugares sem nenhum interesse, 2011)

Alfaguara_logoAlfaguara is a Spanish-language publishing house founded by Spanish writer and Nobel prize winner Camilo José Cela. Its headquarters is in Madrid, Spain, and it serves markets in Latin America, Spain, and the United States.

Alfaguara Brasil originally published the following:

  • José Luiz Passos’ “The Lonely Sailor” (“Marinheiro só,” Granta Brasil 13, 2015)


Arquipélago Editorial is a publisher that was founded in 2006. It is based in Porto Alegre, Brazil and publishes Brazilian journalism and literature.

Arquipélago Editorial originally published the following:

  • Eliane Brum’s “Burial of the Poor” (“Enterro de pobre,” A vida que ninguém vê, 2006)

BenviraBenvirá is part of one of Brazil’s largest publishing comapanies Editora Saraiva, which was founded in 2010. Benvirá is focused on publishing both fiction and non-fiction.

Benvirá originally published the following:

berlendis vertecchiaBerlendis e Vertecchia was launched in 1979 by Italian-Brazilian Donatella Berlendis. They have earned prizes in Brazil and abroad for some of their collections: Art for Children, Art for Young People, and their Italian Literature collection.

Berlendis e Vertecchia originally published the following:

  • Alan Minas’ “The Dionti Family” (A família Dionti, 2016)

5....Blackitude defines itself as a renewed face of the Black Movement. It is influenced by the four expressive elements of hip hop: rapping, DJing, graffiti, and b-boying, but it broadens its scope by creating a direct and decentered conversations among literature, audiovisuals, and other sociocultural movements.

Blackitude originally published the following:

  • Nelson Maca’s “Take It Easy, Brother!” (Gramática da Ira, 2015)

companhia das letrasCompanhia das Letras is a Brazilian publisher founded in 1986 by Luiz Schwarcz and his wife, Lilia Moritz Schwarcz. Its headquarters is in São Paulo.

Companhia das Letras originally published the following:

tituloConfraria do Vento is a bimonthly Brazilian journal of art, literature, and thought. The journal was founded by Márcio-André, Victor Paes, Karinna Gulias, Ronaldo Ferrito, and B. Strawberry in 2005.

Confraria do Vento originally published the following:

  • Flávia Rocha’s poems (“Aos nossos poetas” (To our poets), Um Pais, 2015)

editoraEditora 34 published its first title—What is Philosophy? by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari—in 1992. Today it has a catalogue of more than five hundred titles, which covers the areas of fiction, philosophy, arts, literary theory, social sciences, history, psychology and psychoanalysis, economy, music, poetry, and children’s and juvenile literature. It combines classical titles with up-to-date essays on contemporary themes.

Editora 34 originally published the following:

  • Fabiano Calixto’s “São Paulo Landscape” (Sangüínea, 2007) • “A Love Story” (Sangüínea, 2007)

logoGrupo Editorial Record was founded in 1940 by Alfredo Machado and Décio Abreu. It began as a distributor of newspaper strips and is now the largest publishing conglomerate in Latin America. It goes by several different labels: Editora Record, Bertrand Brasil, Jose Olympio, Brazilian Civilization, Rosa dos Tempos, New, Era, Difel, Best Seller, BestBolso Editions, Galera Record & Record Gallery, Harlequin Business, Versus Editora, and Paz e Terra.

Record originally published the following:

  • Bruna Beber’s seven poems (Rua da Padaria (2015) and Ladainha (2017))

nova fronteiraNova Fronteira owns and operates as a book publisher. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As of June 15, 2005, Editora Nova Fronteira operates as a subsidiary of Empresas Ediouro Publicações SA.

Nova Fronteira originally published the following:

pallasPallas is a Brazilian publisher with over forty years’ experience in the market. It specializes in Afro-Brazilian themes for children, teenagers, and adults. Pallas publications include human sciences, art, religion, and literature.

Pallas originally published the following:

  • Conceição Evaristo’s “Ana Davenga” (Olhos d’água, 2004) • “Maria” (“Maria,” Olhos d’água, 2014)

ParaLeLo-13S21ParaLeLo13S is associated with the Boto Cor de Rosa bookstore in Salvador. It publishes books of poetry, fiction, and contemporary thought.

ParaLeLo13S originally published the following:

  • Luciany Aparecida’s “Sunday Dress” (Contos ordinarios de melancolia, 2017)
  • Sarah Rebecca Kersley’s “Longitude (Tipográfica oceânica, 2017) • “More Than Nothing” (Tipográfica oceânica, 2017) • “L’Art du Deplacement” (Tipográfica oceânica, 2017)

Poetry InternationalPoetry International  is an international magazine and poetry website archive. Editors from around the world contribute to it, and it is centrally edited in Rotterdam. The website features poems in their original languages alongside their English translations.

Poetry International originally published the following:

scriptumScriptum has an editorial board, which has full powers in relation to publications. In addition to publishing magazines related to the area of psychoanalysis, Scriptum has published more than ninety books of different genres, such as poetry, short stories, novels, essays, and literary criticism.

Scriptum originally published the following:

  • Jacques Fux’s “Antitherapies” (Antiterapias, 2012)